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The Mystic Aquarium veterinary team is composed of board-certified aquatic animal veterinarians and credentialed veterinary technicians who are experts in the medical care and welfare of aquatic species. The veterinary team oversees all aspects animal health for the aquarium animals as well as providing care for stranded marine mammals and sea turtles through Mystic Aquarium’s Animal Rescue Program. The veterinary team is also actively engaged in the advancement of aquatic animal health through contributions to clinical research and wildlife conservation efforts.

Veterinary Student Externship

Mystic Aquarium offers a unique opportunity for veterinary students to learn from our veterinary specialists through our veterinary externship program. This 3-4 week long program is designed to provide fourth-year veterinary students the opportunity to gain experience in aquatic animal medicine, husbandry, and wildlife conservation. Students assist veterinarians in caring for a diverse range of species including belugas, seals, sea lions, fish, invertebrates, sea turtles, terrestrial reptiles, penguins, amphibians, sharks and stingrays. Students apply for the position one year prior to the desired externship.  For more information click here;  Veterinary Extern Application

Externship Scheduling

Externships are 3-4 weeks in duration and offered during the months of September through May. Applications are due by October 1st one year prior to the planned externship (for example, externships for fall 2024 through spring 2025 school year are due by October 1st, 2023). Students will be notified of acceptance by December 31st. Once a student has been selected the program dates will be offered based on the students requested dates and aquariums availability.

Veterinary Internship  

Mystic Aquarium offers graduate veterinarians the opportunity for advanced training in aquatic animal medicine and research through our veterinary internship program. During this training program, the veterinary intern works and studies under the mentorship of the veterinary team with the objective of expanding their knowledge and clinical skills in the care of aquatic species. In addition, veterinary interns gain experience in wildlife conservation, scientific research, and scholarly writing. For more information click here;  Veterinary Internship Application

Mystic Aquarium is proud to have played a role in the careers of its intern alumni, see where they are now (Vet Internship Alumni) 

Veterinary Technician Externship

Veterinary Technician students and recent graduates of accredited veterinary nursing/technology programs can gain experience in aquatic animal medicine.  Students are exposed to the veterinary care and husbandry of a diverse range of species.  Externs assist the veterinary team with the medical management of aquarium animals and for sea turtles and marine mammals undergoing rehabilitation in Mystic Aquarium’s Animal Rescue Program.  Externs also participate and assist in necropsy evaluations, laboratory sample collection and diagnostic processing, surgical monitoring, annual preventive health and wellness exams, and clinical case rounds.  Acceptance to this program is on a rolling-basis and interested and qualified candidates are encouraged to apply by submitting the desired application materials. For more information click here;  Veterinary Technician Externship