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Mystic Aquarium is home to thousands of aquatic animals. From marine mammals, to birds, to fish, invertebrates, and reptiles, over 300 different species call Mystic Aquarium home. Regardless of whether they have fins, flippers, feathers, or fur, our animal ambassadors provide essential connections to our ocean planet and its conservation. Our dedicated and talented handling staff provides them with round-the-clock, top-notch care!

All Animals at Mystic Aquarium

Marine Mammals

Beluga whale

California sea lion

Northern fur seal

Spotted seal

Harbor seal

Grey seal

Steller sea lion



African penguin


Lake sturgeon 

Atlantic sturgeon


Spotted gar

Longnose gar

Alligator gar

Green moray eel

spotted garden eel


Redhook silver dollar

Banded leporinus

River hatchetfish

Black tetra

Rummynose tetra

Glowlight tetra

Ember tetra

Red phantom tetra

Redeye tetra

Emperor tetra

Neon tetra

False rummynose tetra

Silver dollars

Redbellied Piranha

Pictus Cat

Spotted corydoras

Corydoras panda


Otto catfish

Farlowella catfish

Black ghost knifefish

Electric eel

Oyster toadfish

Painted frogfish


Redtail splitfin

Longjaw squirrelfish

Black bar soldierfish

Sabre squirrelfish

Dusky squirrelfish



Janss' pipefish

Lined seahorse

Pacific seahorse


Pacific spiny lumpsucker

Chalk bass

Chequered perchlet

Bartlett's basslet

Lyretail anthias

Graysby grouper

Rock hind

Blue and yellow grouper

Giant grouper

Yellow dottyback

Royal Gramma

Yellow head jawfish


Black crappie

Pajama cardinalfish

Banggai cardinalfish


Mexican barred snapper

Bluestrip snapper


Smallmouth grunt

Cottonwick grunt

White grunt


Glassy sweeper

Silver moony

African moony

Threadfin butterflyfish

Pakistani butterflyfish

Reef butterflyfish

Copperband butterflyfish

Coral beauty

Blue angelfish

Queen angel

Bluering angelfish

Grey angelfish

French angelfish

Sixbar angelfish

Redspotted hawkfish


Arc eye hawkfish

Pearl cichlid


Orange chromide cichlid

Banded cichlid

True parrot cichlid

Livingstoni cichlid


Zebra mbuna

Altum angel

Heckel discus

Sergeant major

Tomato clownfish

Common clownfish

Pink skunk clownfish

Blue chromis

Purple chromis

Blue-green chromis

Azure demoiselle

Three-striped damselfish

Yellowtail damselfish

Neon damselfish

Lemon damsel

Ocellate damselfish

Spinecheek anemonefish

Spanish hogfish

Harlequin tusk

Tail-spot wrasse

Cleaner wrasse

Black spotted wrasse

Princess parrotfish

Convict blenny

Mandarin dragonet

Spotted prawn gobby

Masked goby

Yellow watchman goby

Citron clown goby


Indian mudskipper

Firefish goby



Two-barred rabbitfish

Foxface rabbitfish

Achilles tang

Ocean sturgeon


Blue tang

Powder blue tang

Chocolate tang

Yellowfin tang

Tomini tang

Hippo tang

Desjardin's sailfin tang

Yellow tang

Sailfin tang

Purple sailfin tang

Queen triggerfish

Clown triggerfish

Black triggerfish

Pink tailed triggerfish

Picasso triggerfish

Starry puffer

Freckled porcupinefish

Spotted wobbegong

Whitespotted bamboo shark

Brownbanded bamboo shark

Epaulette shark

Zebra shark

Nurse shark

Sand tiger shark

Chain dogfish

Dusky smooth-hound

Little skate

Atlantic stingray

Bluespotted ribbontail ray

Yellow stingray

Cownose ray

Sea Jellies

Leidy's comb jelly

Comb jelly

Atlantic bay nettle

Crystal jelly

Pacific sea nettle

Moon jelly

Egg yolk jelly

Mangrove upside-down jellyfish


Hawaiian cleaner shrimp

Blood shrimp

Peppermint shrimp

Pacific spot prawn

American lobster

Ridged slipper lobster

Left-handed hermit crab

Zebra hermit crab

Blue-legged hermit crab

Halloween hermit crab

Red-legged hermit crab

Flatclaw hermit crab

Green crab

Pompom crab

Halloween crab

Japanese giant spider crab

Emerald crab

Arrow crab

Portly spider crab


Green turtle

Common snapping turtle

Spotted turtle

Diamondback terrapin

Chinese box turtle

Star tortoise

Desert tortoise

Florida softshell turtle

Bearded dragon

Saharan Uromastyx

Leopard Gecko

Wiegmann's striped gecko

Yellow-throated plated lizard

Sudan plated lizard

Prehensile-tailed skink

Peter's banded skink

Blue tongue skink

Amazon tree boa

Brazilian rainbow boa

Timor python

Ball python




Spotted salamander

Tiger salamander 

Anderson's Crocodile newt

Kaiser's newt

Emporer newt

Panamanian golden frog

Smooth-sided toad

Cane toad

Three-striped poison frog

Green poison dart frog

Blue poison dart frog

Bumblebee poison dart frog 

Anthony's poison dart frog

Golfodulcean poison frog

Gray tree frog

Red-eyed tree frog

Ornate horned frog

Golden mantella

Betsileo golden mantella

Tomato frog

African bullfrog

Wood frog

Bird poop frog

Mossy frog



Madagascar hissing cockroach


Pink Toe Tarantula

Sea Urchins/Sand Dollars

Caribbean pencil urchin

Red imperial urchin

Black long spine urchin

Atlantic purple sea urchin

Banded sea urchin

Rock boring urchin

Purple sea urchin


Sea Stars

Sea star

Chocolate-chip sea star

Bat star

Leather star

Bay sea star

Blunt spined sea star