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Get ready for a prehistoric adventure like no other! Step back in time with Dino Seas, the newest addition to our exhibit lineup. This immersive journey will take you on an adventure through the ancient seas where massive reptiles once ruled and mighty dinosaurs roamed on land. With hands-on interactive experiences, animatronic undersea creatures and dinosaurs, two thrilling 4-D movies, a two-story indoor playspace, and live amphibians and reptiles, you'll feel like you've traveled back millions of years. Experience Dino Seas as a general admission ticket add-on now for an introductory price of $15 ($10 for aquarium members).

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Indoor Playspace

Let the little ones explore a world of excitement in the Dino Seas indoor playspace. This multi-level play structure, with climbing challenges, interactive elements, and engaging activities will inspire imagination, adventure, and endless fun. Ideal for ages 5-12, children can run wild while within the safety of this entertaining space.


Hop into a world of frogs, toads, salamanders, reptiles, and more in our FROGS! exhibit in Dino Seas. Encounter more than two dozen species of amphibians, reptiles, and fish, each with their unique characteristics and ecological significance.

See vibrant poison dart frogs, decked out in an array of brilliant colors meant to alert predators to stay away! Look closely to spot other frogs that blend into their habitat, camouflaging themselves instead of standing out. Dive into the intriguing aquatic lifestyle and intricate life cycles of salamanders and discover the scaly skin and extraordinary patterns of reptiles. These, and more, are waiting for you in FROGS!

As you journey through this exciting and educational display, designed to foster an appreciation for the ecological interdependencies and conservation challenges faced by these creatures, you will gain insights into the fragile balance of our natural world and the responsibility we all share to protect it.


Current Animals On Habitat


Red Eye tree frog

Emperor Newt 

Anderson’s crocodile 

Kaiser’s Newt 

Gray tree frog  

Wood Frog  

Spotted salamander 

Panamanian Golden Frog 

Betsileo mantella 

Green poison dart frog 

Three Striped poison Frog 

Golfodulcean poison frog 

Bumblebee poison dart frog 

Anthony’s poison dart frog  

Blue Poison dart frog 


African Bullfog 

Cane Toad 

Smooth- sided Toad 

Barred tiger salamander 

Ornate Horned frog 


Spotted turtle  

Prehensile Tailed skink 

Amazon Tree boa 


Redtail splitfin 

River hatchetfish  


As soon as you step into the sprawling 10,000 square-foot space, you will be transported back to a prehistoric era. The immersive experience is designed to stimulate all your senses with numerous interactive features. The floors and walls come alive, reacting to your every movement. Engaging video games provide both entertainment and education, and you can unleash your creativity and design your very own sea creature at the animation station. Explore a dynamic sand table where your efforts to shape mountains and valleys will entice different animals to appear, and prepare for a unique olfactory challenge with the "guess-the-smell" activity. And around every corner, prehistoric sea creatures and dinosaurs lie in wait to come alive as you walk by!

Current 4-D Movies

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