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Welcome to STEM Accelerator 

Mystic Aquarium is excited to offer STEM Accelerator — a hands-on and easy-to-use STEM program that is perfect to implement with elementary-age students in a variety of formal and informal education settings.

What is STEM Accelerator?  

STEM Accelerator is a fun, hands-on, multimedia program that brings STEM to life for students in grades K–5. In each STEM Accelerator module, students develop teamwork skills, build trust with one another, and explore STEM topics. Each module includes an Educator Guide and Session Guides with eight hands-on activities that are fun, can be conducted indoors or outdoors, and build STEM skills. 

What kinds of activities does STEM Accelerator include?  

STEM Accelerator activities include building boats, programming and coding, constructing towers, launching toy cars, solving math puzzles, and more. 

Below is a partial list of the skills and topics your students will explore via STEM Accelerator: 

  • Statistics and probability 
  • Reading comprehension 
  • Vocabulary development 
  • Engineering design 
  • Measurement 
  • Computation 
  • Geometry 
  • Robotics and coding 
  • Motions and forces 
  • Social-emotional skills 

Does STEM Accelerator work?  

Yes! Mystic Aquarium has implemented the evidence-based STEM Accelerator program in hundreds of locations across the country over the past five years. Evaluations of the program show that participants have increased their achievements in — and mastery of — STEM skills, improved their attitudes towards learning and school, and demonstrated overall social-emotional growth. 

Pre- and post-survey templates are available to all licensed STEM Accelerator sites interested in tracking participants’ knowledge of and interest in STEM topics. 


An all-inclusive fee of $10,000 includes all materials, shipping, and curriculum training for three STEM Accelerator modules (for a total of 24 hands-on activities) to serve up to 32 students at a time. All supplies are easily sanitized and completely reusable, and you can use the materials with as many students as you like in the future. A variety of customization options and ongoing implementation support are provided as well. The package also includes admission for up to 100 students and their chaperones to visit Mystic Aquarium 

Does STEM Accelerator promote family engagement?  

Yes! For every STEM Accelerator session, students and families can access corresponding multimedia connections to continue their STEM learning at home through curated websites, online videos, and interactive games 

Where does STEM Accelerator take place?  

STEM Accelerator is available to order now for implementation in schools, summer programs, youth centers, and other sites seeking to engage students in STEM in a fun and educational way 

For more information please email: Ayana Melvan or call: 860-572-5955 x553 

Multimedia Connections For Students

Each STEM Accelerator module includes multimedia connections that go with each session. These are online videos, games, and other interactive activities that help students explore the session content in more detail. Check them out below!

Below are resources for educators who are already implementing STEM Accelerator with their students.


The STEM Accelerator program includes three Explorations in STEM modules: Volumes 1, 2, and 3. In each module, students and their group leaders develop teamwork skills, build trust with one another, and explore introductory topics in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Explorations in STEM, Vol 1

Overview: Students will work together to build boats, program human robots, construct towers, play math games, and more.

Training Webinar: Introduction to Explorations in STEM, Volume 1 (contact Ayana Melvan for the password)

Select Curriculum Masters

Programming Blocks Key

Explorations in STEM, Vol 2

Overview: Students will work together to launch toy cars, navigate treasure maps, construct towers, solve math puzzles, and more.

Training Webinar: Introduction to Explorations in STEM, Volume 2 (contact Ayana Melvan for the password)

Select Curriculum Masters

Treasure Map (blank)

Treasure Map and Code Examples

Stack Switch Game Board

Explorations in STEM, Vol 3

Overview: Students will work together to make magnet mazes, create binary key chains, build index card towers, play games with dice, and more

Training Webinar: Introduction to Explorations in STEM, Volume 3 (contact Ayana Melvan for the password)

Select Curriculum Masters

Magnet Mazes

Binary Code Sheet