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Mystic Aquarium is seeking proposals for the development of a new California Sea Lion show script opening Summer of 2025. The theme of the show should revolve around "Superheroes for Ocean Conservation and Environmental Stewardship," aiming to educate and entertain visitors about marine conservation efforts. The show will feature four trainers/characters and three California Sea Lions. Additionally, proposals should incorporate the sea lions' roles as conservation ambassadors. The show's running time should be 15-20 minutes, and the possibility of incorporating a paid program segment with the sea lions should also be explored.

Interested parties should supply a proposal and budget for the project.
Application Deadline: Friday, June 14, 2024

The California Sea Lion Show at Mystic Aquarium is a dynamic and entertaining presentation where these intelligent and charismatic marine mammals serve as ocean ambassadors for their species. Through engaging performances and interactive demonstrations, the show not only showcases the natural behaviors of California sea lions but also underscores their vital role as ambassadors for marine conservation. Led by skilled animal care professionals, the sea lions' remarkable abilities serve to inspire audiences, fostering a profound appreciation for these animals and their oceanic ecosystem, while igniting a passion for ocean conservation.

Additionally, the California Sea Lion Show at Mystic Aquarium is intricately linked with the Aquarium's commitment to local environmental stewardship programming. Committed to activating communities to protect local ecosystems through participation in environmental stewardship activities, Mystic Aquarium's environmental stewardship programs collect environmental and water quality data that support local management plans. These programs align with themes such as Clean Waters and Healthy Watersheds, Thriving and Abundant Wildlife, Sustainable and Resilient Communities, and Sound Science and Inclusive Management, focusing on the health of Long Island Sound (LIS) and watershed regions.

Mystic Aquarium's overarching mission—to inspire people to care for and protect our ocean planet through conservation, education, and research—serves as the guiding force behind every endeavor, ensuring that every visitor leaves not only entertained but also empowered to make a positive difference for our oceans.

1. Trainers and Sea Lions:

The show shall feature four (4) skilled trainers, each portraying distinct characters in the storyline. The script should be flexible enough that the show can run with three (3) trainers as needed.

Three (3) California sea lions shall be prominently featured in the show, showcasing their natural behaviors and abilities.

2. Character Development:

The storyline revolves around the journey of the fourth trainer, who undergoes a transformation to become a hero of ocean conservation and environmental steward.

The narrative shall highlight the challenges and triumphs faced by the trainer as they embrace their role in protecting marine life and habitats.

3. Conservation Messaging:

The show shall convey clear and compelling messages about the importance of ocean conservation and environmental stewardship.

Key conservation themes: ocean conservation and the aquarium’s local environmental stewardship program

Educational content shall be presented in an engaging and accessible manner, suitable for audiences of all ages.

4. Interactive Elements:

The show shall incorporate interactive elements to engage the audience and encourage participation.

A paid program (standalone) segment shall be incorporated into the show.

Audience members may be invited to participate in activities/programing such as:

Conservation Club

Passport/Badge Program

5. Variability in Script and Routine:

The show's script shall incorporate elements of variability to keep the presentation dynamic and engaging for both the audience and the sea lions.

Trainers shall have the flexibility to adapt their routines based on the sea lions' behavior, preferences, and performance capabilities.

Different enrichment activities, props, and interactive segments shall be integrated into the script to provide variety and stimulate the sea lions' natural instincts and curiosity.

6. Duration and Schedule:

The show shall have a runtime of approximately 15-20 minutes, allowing for multiple performances throughout the day.



1. Concept proposal, sample of a scene, and cost budget


Terms and Conditions

1. The selected proposal will become the property of Mystic Aquarium, and all rights to the script will be owned by the Aquarium.

2. The script must be royalty-free, and no additional compensation will be provided beyond the agreed-upon contract amount.

3. Proposals must be submitted by Friday, June 14, 2024

4. Mystic Aquarium reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and to negotiate changes to the selected proposal.

Interested parties should submit their proposals electronically to 2025CSLShow@mysticaquarium.org by Friday, June 14, 2024. We will aim to respond to proposals in July 2024.