Arctic Coast

Arctic Coast

Visit the largest outdoor beluga whale exhibit in the United States! Our Arctic Coast exhibit is an acre of glacial streams, northern evergreens and crystal blue water.

Watch the beluga whales explore this 750,000-gallon exhibit from above and below the water! Witness the gentle nature of these animals at a series of three 20-foot-long underwater viewing windows.  Hear from trainers during a feeding and training session and learn how the belugas’ natural behaviors help them to survive.

Mystic Aquarium is a leader in beluga research, care and behaviors.  Our research team studies belugas here and in their natural habitat to better understand their behaviors and health. Current research focuses on how belugas respond to environmental changes, including human-related factors, which will ultimately contribute to the long-term survival of the species.

Don't miss the feeding sessions!

Also joining the belugas in the Arctic Coast exhibit are rescued harbor seals Bristol and Coral.  The two seals joined the exhibit in May and have provided a new underwater viewing experience where you can witness the tranquil movement of the seals when they dive.