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REU Cohort 2021

Ahmani Browne and Dr. Catherine Matassa โ€“ Sex-specific Differences in Predator Prey Relationships
Ashraf Moumou and Dr. Catherine Matassa- Sex and Latitudinal Differences on Anti-Herbivore Defenses
Bailey McKenna and Dr. Tracy Romano- Molecular Investigation of Blow for Health Monitoring in Beluga Whales
Charles Scrivner and Dr. Heidi Dierssen- Discriminating Macroalgae from Eelgrass using Remote Sensing
Destiny Ropati and Dr. George Mcmanus -Ciliates and Bacteria in the Blow of Beluga Whales
Diana Castellanos and Dr. Hans Dam- Ocean Warming and Acidification effects on Toxic Dinoflagellates and Phytoplankton
Lauryn Yates and Dr. Laura Thompson- Diving Physiology in Beluga Whales
Marissa Scott and Dr. Evan Ward- Gut microbiome of oysters