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Shout Outs

Send A Personalized Message

Stay connected to family and friends while supporting Mystic Aquarium's animal care!

Celebrate a birthday, commemorate an anniversary, send your love or simply say “I miss you!” Just choose your favorite species at Mystic Aquarium and for $50 have an animal care professional do the talking for you.

Plus, your message helps support the critical animal care.

Send a Cutie Clip

Send that special someone a cute clip with a personalized message for just $50.

Sealed with a 💋
Sealed  With a 💋 II
Sea Lion Sass
Clara 4781
Happy Dance
sea turtle sass
We Salute You
siku bounce
Charlotte 2919
Blow a Kiss
Shower with Love
steller shout out
CSL Flipper 7403
Kela Squirt
Astro 9205
Skinks Without U
Just Keep Swimmin’
clownfish 4569

With over 4,000 animals in our care who depend on us, we rely on visitors in order to maintain the high level of care these animals require and deserve! Even when visitation is limited, you can still help by supporting fun programs like these personal messages and cutie clips.

Thank you for your continued support!