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At Your School And Beyond

Mystic Aquarium is Traveling Again!

We offer a variety of Traveling Classroom Programs for Pre-K to grade 12. Click the button below for program topics to choose from. We also provide Traveling Touch Tanks, Coastal Field Studies and other unique traveling programs. More details are below!

Whether at the Aquarium or at your location, each classroom program…
  • is immersive and FUN, including 15 minutes of a “Touch & Learn” session with live invertebrates!
  • is 45 minutes long.
  • can accommodate up to 25 students per program.
  • must be reserved at least three weeks prior to the program date.
  • can be reserved Monday-Friday to start on the half-hour from 9:30 – 3:30. Weekend program times vary depending on location. Later times can also be requested.
  • must be paid at least two weeks in advance of the program. Payment cannot be accepted on the day of the program by instructors or at the gate.
  • cannot be refunded if a cancellation is made within two weeks of the program date.
Traveling Programs Costs per Instructor:

Please note that seasonal pricing applies.

September – May

  • $325 for up to two classes
  • $425 for three classes
  • $525 for four classes

June – August

  • $375 for up to two classes
  • $475 for three classes
  • $575 for four classes
Additional Requirements:
  • Traveling programs are offered within 90 miles of Mystic, CT.
  • All programs must be reserved for the same day, at the same location to receive this rate.
  • A $50 fee will be assessed per hour if there is an hour or more break between programs.
  • A maximum of four consecutive classes can be taught by each Aquarium instructor per day.
  • It is ideal for all programs to take place in the same room (preferred) with an adult chaperone present at all times (required.)
Afterschool & Enrichment Programs

Mystic Aquarium’s suite of Classroom Programs can be easily tailored to meet your afterschool and science enrichment program needs. Virtual Conservation Education Programs also offer great variety for afterschool and enrichment. In addition, our new STEM Accelerator Program holds fantastic applications for afterschool and STEM enrichment! We can work with you and tailor a package program to meet a single day, weekly, or monthly visits, virtual visits, and loads of STEM content and activities. Contact the Education Department today at if interested in creating a package that works for you!


After reviewing the Classroom Program Topics, please complete the form in the button below to request a reservation for education programs whether at the Aquarium, at your location or through distance learning. If you need more information or a quote for multiple/package programs, please see below and then contact us at or 860.572.5955 x431.

Our classroom programs also address teaching standards, the topics highlights the cross-cutting-concepts of the Next Generation Science Standards, but if you need more specifics, click here.

Traveling Touch Tank

Looking for a unique and engaging experience for a large gathering? Mystic Aquarium has just what you need. Our traveling touch tank is designed for large groups such as special school events, camps, fairs, PTO gatherings, employee appreciation parties, open houses, conferences, or any time you have a group of people gathered together. Mystic Aquarium will bring an assortment of live invertebrates such as lobsters, horseshoe crabs and shellfish right to your function to entertain and educate people of all ages. Perfect for a larger group that might not have time for a full presentation.

Program rate is $350 for up to two hours and $150 for each additional hour.

Hermit Crab
Coastal Field Studies

Join Mystic Aquarium on the coast for a field study! Mystic Aquarium has been bringing students to our coastlines for years, and we’d like to offer this experiential learning opportunity to all teachers of grades 3 to 12! We will bring the equipment and the expertise to help your students investigate and discover coastal phenomena through an NGSS-aligned, 90-minute program at various parks all along the Connecticut and Rhode Island coastline. Students will collaborate and collect evidence pertaining to the value and the importance of healthy watersheds and estuaries. While working in small groups, they will investigate rocky shore and salt marsh environments and collect data to develop a baseline understanding of the ecosystem’s biotic and abiotic factors and energy flow. In addition, participants will submit their findings into our partner citizen science databases. Students will also observe and identify species while discovering cause and effect of natural and man-made influences on their critical habitats. Join us and gain an understanding of the critical ecological role these coastal ecosystems play in fostering diversity and abundance of life in the Long Island Sound or Narragansett Bay. (Spanish-translated data sheets are also available.)

Coastal Field Studies are also a great field trip option for summer camps and programming!

Contact the Education & Conservation Department at to reserve this fantastic field experience.

Time: 90-minutes
Location: various public access parks along CT and RI coastlines, tbd with you upon consultation
Cost: $350 per class of up to 25 students; discounts available for additional classes
Accommodations: maximum of 3 classes/75 students per program
Seasonal: Offered April – November

Auditorium Programs

Mystic Aquarium educators will travel to your school or organization to present fun, educational, and engaging 60-minute presentations for your students in an auditorium setting for up to 300 students. We offer four intriguing programs: Amazing Sharks – Test your shark knowledge in a rousing game of bingo, Penguins – Engaging penguin trivia, Beluga whales –Discover the fascinating adaptations these whales have and Explore the Shore – How plants and animals survive in this harsh environment. Each presentation will engage the students as they learn about the chosen topic. Then, utilizing a special scope to magnify the animals on a big screen, students will be introduced to invertebrates such as a horseshoe crab, lobster, whelk snail and more. This program promises to be an entertaining and educational experience for all!

Cost: $500 for one program; $700 for two programs held on the same day, in the same location.

Career Fairs

Is your school or group hosting a career fair? Countless students are interested in animal training and ocean conservation. Have an Aquarium staff member come to your location or through distance learning and talk to your students about the many varied careers in the field of marine biology. Regular virtual or traveling classroom program fees apply.

Coming to the Aquarium for a visit? Career programs are also offered on-site in an Aquarium classroom. Regular classroom and school/youth group admission fees apply.

Penguin Outreach Ambassador Program

Our Penguin Animal Ambassador Programs can occur at the Aquarium or at your location and are a one of a kind outreach program appropriate for audiences of all ages where your students not only meet one of our resident African penguins but also learn from their trainers how we are working every day to save these Endangered Species.   While we are eager to provide these enriching and educational Penguin Animal Ambassador Programs, please ensure that your school, organization or facility can adhere to the following criteria prior to reserving the program at your location.

  • Penguin programs are available to schools, organizations or facilities that are within 60 miles of Mystic Aquarium
  • Penguin programs must be held in indoor presentation areas.  Gymnasiums, auditoriums, multi-purpose activity rooms, and other large, enclosed spaces are ideal.
  • An offstage area free of wires and debris must be provided as a “safe zone” for the animal ambassadors
  • Indoor temperatures must be above 50°F and below 65°F.
  • Due to strict quarantine policies, no other animals may be present in the presentation or offstage area
  • Since the safety of our audience is a primary concern, we cannot allow audience members to feed or hold any of our Animal Ambassadors.

Penguin Animal Ambassador Programs are available October through April on Monday through Wednesday for a one hour block or 2 consecutive 30 minute blocks between 10:00am-12:00pm or 1:00pm-3:00pm. This offering is $1,750 for the programming at your location (maximum of 300 students) and $1,500 for programming at Mystic Aquarium (maximum of 20 students).  Please email to reserve this one of a kind program.

Trainer with Penguin
Custom Package Programs

We can work with you and tailor a program to meet your group’s specific needs. Those looking for a more in-depth experience beyond just one class can contact our Education Department to create an engaging, multi-part program. Activities can take place virtually, at the Aquarium, at your location or on the coast! Contact the Education Department today at