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REU Cohort 2018

Catherine Guinovart and Paul Anderson –  Aquaculture of the Royal Gramma
Gretchen Johnson and George Mcmanus – Effects of Low Oxygen on Zooplankton
Micayla Shirley and Evan Ward, Vena Haynes – Nanoparticles Effects on Oyster Larvae
Oriana Strieleman and Penny Vlahos – Biodegradation Rates of Organic Matter in Long Island Sound Seawater
Samantha Pena and Catherine Matassa – Characterization of Nutrients in a Salt Marsh
Sydney Hedberg and Hans Dam, Matt Sasaki – Thermal Tolerance of Copepods
Sydney Stark and Hannes Baumann – Novel Method for Larval Fish Capture 
Tonia Osborne and Tracy Romano, Ebru Unal – Beluga Whale Breath as an Indicator of Health