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Kim Keeps Running

Meet Kim Hentz, a California sea lion trainer from our Foxwoods Marine Theater. Along with her coworkers in the Theater, Kim dedicates herself tirelessly to the well-being of the animals in our care. While you may stop by to see one of their daily shows, what you don’t see is the work that goes on behind the scenes. From preparing each sea lion’s daily serving of fish to training behaviors – an important part of animal care and enrichment – to mentoring interns and more; these are just some of the things that go into a trainers’ day.

Each year Kim participates in the annual Run/Walk for the Penguins to help support all the great work Mystic Aquarium and SANCCOB do to help the endangered African penguin. As a runner for most of her life, Kim feels fulfilled knowing she is able to combine something she loves with supporting a great cause.

Besides working as a sea lion trainer, she also works at a local animal shelter in her spare time. For the past three years, Kim has helped out at Animal Haven in North Haven, CT caring of many homeless cats and dogs. She is passionate about being able to give some of her skills as an animal trainer back to animals in need to help them find forever homes.

Kim H California sea lion trainer