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Cris S. Coaches Our Future

Meet Cris Sodergren, Senior Aquarist in the Fish & Invertebrates Department. Cris joined the Aquarium in March of 2005. His main duties are taking care of the jelly gallery, aquaculture of jellies for the exhibit, making water for the aquarium, covering all other areas when needed. A unique aspect of his job is that he actually raises the jellies for our exhibits.  He says there is something satisfying about raising an animal that was less than an eighth-inch long, growing it up and then seeing the publics’ reaction when they see it in its adult form.

In Cris’s spare time he has spent the last ten years coaching youth soccer. His favorite part of coaching is getting to know all of the kids, watch them improve and especially finding their confidence that they can do anything! He says they aren’t just learning soccer skills, they are learning life skills that will help them in all aspects of life.  Learning teamwork and knowing that if they try hard and work for it they can succeed at anything!

Cris believes everyone should contribute to their community no matter what it is.  Everyone has a special skill that they can contribute to.  There is a certain satisfaction that one gets when they know they are doing good and bettering the place they live.

Cris educating child about jellies