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What Would You Name a Beluga?

Your chance to win ends December 31, 2021

Want to buy a raffle ticket AND visit the aquarium? 

Cannot make it to the aquarium and want a golden opportunity? Or want to buy more raffle tickets and increase your chances to win? 

How it works

Ten lucky winners will get a Golden Ticket and win a VIP experience at the Mystic Aquarium.

 One of the ten Golden Ticket winners will be drawn randomly to win the once in a lifetime opportunity to Name A Beluga!

Each golden ticket purchase enters you to win. No purchase limit exists for raffle tickets, and each ticket has a unique number.

For online single raffle ticket purchases, we will do ten random drawings on February 1st to decide the winners of the ten VIP experiences at Mystic Aquarium. One of the 10 winners will be randomly selected as the lucky winner to Name a Beluga.

Enter to win a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to name a beluga at Mystic Aquarium! In May 2021, new belugas arrive at the Arctic Coast habitat, joining the three belugas, Juno, Kela, and Natasha!

Earn the chance to name one of these belugas by purchasing a golden raffle ticket(s) to help further our continued research and animal care! One of the special belugas will receive its name by our raffle winner’s choosing!

What it supports

Mystic Aquarium animal care staff and beluga experts are conducting vital research with these whales in the controlled environment of the habitat so that they can find solutions for critically endangered populations of belugas and other whales and dolphins. They are helping their wild counterparts that continue to dwindle as a result of rapid changes to the environment. The funds raised from the raffle go directly to support that conservation research to provide care and maintenance to the belugas, the Arctic Coast habitat, and the rescue and rehabilitation clinic. In addition, the donations from the raffle provide a collective effort to turn around the current, dire direction of these fascinating species.