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Animal Health and Welfare

Animal Health and Welfare

Animal health at Mystic Aquarium starts with the highest quality care provided daily to each of the thousands of animals in our habitats. At the heart of our animal care operations are our veterinarians that are Board Certified Specialists in Zoological Medicine, the Wiederhold Foundation Veterinary and Animal Health Center, the Milne Ocean Science and Conservation Center, and our Environmental Quality Laboratory that is certified by the Connecticut Department of Public Health.

Our Mystic Aquarium veterinary team are experts in the medical care and welfare of exotic and aquatic animal species. The veterinarians oversee all aspects of animal health for the aquarium animals as well as stranded marine mammals and sea turtles in Mystic Aqurium’s Animal Rescue program. The veterinary team is also actively engaged in the advancement of aquatic animal health through contributions to clinical research and wildlife conservation efforts.

Mystic Aquarium is dedicated to all aspects of animal health, which includes training the next generation of aquatic animal medicine specialists through our Veterinary Internship and Externship programs. Click here to learn more.

Wiederhold Foundation Veterinary and Animal Health Center

This 1,000 square foot facility, which opened in 2015, provides our veterinary staff with state-of-the-art veterinary medical resources, allowing our team to provide that world-class care for which Mystic Aquarium is known. The Center features a surgery suite fully equipped with diagnostic, anesthesia, and surgery equipment, as well as a general exam room, an imaging room for x-rays, ultrasounds, and endoscopy, and a clinical laboratory in which our animal health samples are analyzed. The Aquatic Animal Study Center, a 200,000 gallon system that can be used for aquatic animal holding, quarantine, or rehabilitation, is adjacent to this facility.

Take a peek at the space in action by watching some episodes from our Aquarium Rehab series: Opening Eyes on African Penguin CareProviding a Helping Hand for Two Seals

surgery team at work

Milne Ocean Science and Conservation Center

This facility, which opened in 2019, includes a 6,000 square foot temperature-controlled space housing 12 systems, 37 tanks of various sizes, and 45,000 gallons of water that is utilized for fish & invertebrate quarantine and sea turtle rehabilitation. The facility also features an aquaculture laboratory focused on the rearing of horseshoe crabs to help support declining wild populations. 

Environmental Quality Laboratory

This facility monitors the environmental quality for every animal habitat at Mystic Aquarium to ensure our animals have the highest water and air quality possible!  The lab is certified by the Connecticut Department of Public Health for the testing of non-potable water!  Our lab technicians analyze over 25,000 samples annually!