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Conservation Impact

One Ocean, One Mission

Mystic Aquarium’s interdisciplinary and highly collaborative model

Mystic Aquarium employs strategies with a vision of a robust, modern aquarium deeply rooted in values and blossoming with measurable impact in protecting ocean environments through an integrated approach to research, education and conservation.

Our values run deep throughout our culture. They reflect our 40 plus year heritage and our shared desire to create a better more sustainable world that protects aquatic animals, assures the survival of threatened species and calls for action infused with comprehensive compassion and respect. Mystic Aquarium has an extensive cross-disciplinary competency in experientially learning locally and globally.

Animal Health

Mystic Aquarium has unique competencies in marine mammal health, environments and related ongoing research projects.

Animal Rescue Program

Each sighting, rescue, rehabilitation and release is vital to the overall understanding of our local marine mammal populations and the health of the ecosystem.

Ocean Ambassadors

Over 500,000 people are engaged annually as citizen scientists in marine animal conservation, rescue, rehabilitation, reducing marine pollution, coastal restoration and public advocacy.

Sustainable Seas

We are committed to developing advancing research with the goal of balancing human development with the needs of aquatic animals and their environments.

Conservation Partnerships

We actively collaborate with like-minded organizations with the goal of having a strong and lasting impact on ocean conservation.

Mystic Aquarium Experts

Our team of world-renowned marine mammal scientists conduct comprehensive research for the advancement of marine sciences.

Sea Research Foundation is submitting a research permit request to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Marine Fisheries Service, to import five beluga whales born under human care from Marineland Canada. Sea Research Foundation is a center for global research in beluga whales with a core team of five full-time scientists studying belugas within a larger, world renowned marine science research program. We operate a state-of-the-art facility at the University of Connecticut-Avery Point, where our scientists all hold faculty appointments, dedicated to non-invasive beluga research that continues to be essential to the advancement of knowledge and conservation.

Beluga studies at Sea Research Foundation advance knowledge of immune responses (i.e., to infections, toxins, and other stressors), indicators of health (i.e., general and reproduction and behavior), hearing and sound issues, diving physiology, and non-invasive study techniques. Our overall understanding of beluga whales helps the conservation of endangered beluga populations such as those in Cook Inlet, Alaska and the Saint Lawrence Estuary, as well as declining populations elsewhere. Sea Research Foundation’s research is key to advancements in recovery and sustainability plans that are supported by indigenous community members, scientists, wildlife managers and others.

Mystic Aquarium is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to inspire others to care for and protect the ocean planet through conservation, education and research.