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Beluga Conference Special Journal Issue

2nd International Conference on Beluga Research and Conservation, Special Issue of Polar Research

In an effort to capture and document the outcomes of the 2nd International Conference of Beluga Research and Conservation, Dr. Tracy Romano (Mystic Aquarium) and Kit Kovacs (Norwegian Polar Institute) in collaboration with the workshop Steering Committee, developed a special issue of the scientific journal, Polar Research.   The special cluster of papers from the workshop in the issue is entitled: Beluga Whales (Delphinapterus leucas):  Knowledge from the Wild, Human Care, and Traditional Ecological Knowledge.

Four of the papers in this issue are authored by Mystic Aquarium Scientists and can be found at the links below.

To find out how Aquaria and especially Mystic Aquarium is contributing to Beluga Research and Conservation click here

To learn about diving physiology and the immune system in belugas click here

To learn about physiological correlates of social behavior of belugas under human care click here

To learn about the rehabilitation of Tyonek, a Cook Inlet beluga calf that stranded and was rehabilitated at the Alaska Sea Life Center click here