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Field Research: Gray Seal Pup Assessments – Part 2

It is a tradition, when on Monomoy for field work, to head to the dunes with your coffee and watch the sunrise before the day begins. Unfortunately, there were too many clouds for a sunrise. We prepared to head out and sample in two groups, with a goal of sampling 10 animals per group. It was shaping up to be a beautiful day for field work. Though overcast, it was unusually warm. In the field, people rotated through different jobs (note taking, tagging, animal handling, blood sampling, etc.,) and I was able to learn a new skill for obtaining blood samples: flipper sticks! We hit our goal and went back to the lighthouse for dinner and to process samples.

Seal Pup In Grass
Seal Pup In Grass

The team heads out in search of seal pups which can often be found among the grass, away from adults on the beach.

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