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World Veterinary Day – Meet The Team

Today is World Veterinary Day, a chance for us to celebrate the Mystic Aquarium vet team for all of the lifesaving work they do 365 days a year. Learn about our Veterinary Team and their motivation why they entered the veterinary field.

Allison Tuttle  |  Vice President of Biological Programs

I am fortunate to have my dream job working at Mystic Aquarium. As the Vice President of Biological Programs, I oversee husbandry and veterinary care for our extensive animal collection of approximately 4,500 animals. Additionally, our Animal Rescue Program operates under my direction. Through this program, our team rescues and rehabilitates marine mammals and sea turtles along 1,000+ miles of coastline.

Dr. Allison Tuttle with penguin

Dr. Barb Mangold  |  Associate Veterinarian

“In high school, I worked at a pet store and customers would ask questions about the health of their animals. We would refer them to our local Veterinarian, but I always wondered what the final outcome was for those animals. That experience inspired me to become a Veterinarian. I loved science and animals, so it was a perfect job for me.”

Dr. Barb Mangold with frog

Dr. Jen Flower  |  Chief Veterinarian

“After my two-year advanced training internship at Mystic Aquarium, I completed a three-year residency program in Zoological and Aquatic Animal Medicine before receiving my degree focused on sea turtle conservation medicine. As the Chief Clinical Veterinarian, I oversee the Aquarium’s veterinary team and ensure our animals receive the best health care available. This includes helping our husbandry staff with nutritional, environmental, and exhibit needs, overseeing animal quarantine protocols and conducting research to advance the field of aquatic animal medicine.”

Dr. Jen Flower with snake and staff

(Dr. Jen Flower pictured center)

Melissa Joblon  |  Veterinary Intern

After graduating veterinary school this May, I began my dream job as the Veterinary Intern. I’ve always been interested in aquatic animal medicine. Before attending veterinary school, I completed an internship in the medical center at New England Aquarium and volunteered with several animal care organizations, including Mystic Aquarium’s Animal Rescue Clinic. During veterinary school, I collaborated on a project that developed a body condition scoring system for stranded dolphins. I hope to continue educating the public on the importance of conservation medicine.

Dr. Melissa Joblon with staff

(Dr. Melissa Joblon pictured left)

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