Weird & Wonderful

Weird & Wonderful

Something Weird and Wonderful will happen at Mystic Aquarium!

Mystic Aquarium recently opened its second brand-new exhibit in as many years. Weird & Wonderful is an exciting new exhibit that showcases some of nature’s most bizarre and fascinating creatures.

Guests can take a walk on the wild side of our watery world with Weird & Wonderful. Spanning more than 1,000 square feet and featuring several new exhibits and animals, guests will marvel at the unique features and adaptations of a diversity of aquatic animals.

Stars will include:

  • The “Larger than Life” Giant Japanese spider crabs
  • “Fish-out-of-Water” friends the mudskipper and vampire crab
  • “Up in Arms” Giant Pacific octopus
  • Big-nosed freshwater wonders such as paddlefish and gar
  • Experts in camouflage such as the warty frogfish
  • Additional exhibits include coral reefs and “Glow with the Flow” fluorescents
  • Just to name a few!