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Ocean Science and Technology Day
Wednesday, August 21 2013 11:00 am - 2:00 pm


Join us on Wednesday, August 21st between 11:00am-2:00pm for our second annual Ocean Science and Technology Day.  During your visit you will have the opportunity to interact with marine scientists and technicians and have a hands-on experience with some of the innovative technologies used to study the oceans.

The exhibits/features include:

1. "The Sound of Science: Marine mammal vocalizations" - Hear the sounds of the Belugas and other marine mammals captured using a hydrophone, visualize these sounds as waveform patterns, and learn how to build your own low-cost hydrophone.

2. "Virtual Underwater Exploration of Long Island Sound" - This area will feature the latest underwater maps of the Sound, a chance to “fly” over them using Google Earth, underwater video highlights from Long Island Sound and a free DVD while supplies last.

3. "Mother Nature’s Filters" - Come learn about marine bivalves and what makes these organisms such great filters. In this activity, scientists will demonstrate the technologies being used to better understand the physiology and feeding behaviors of some of the coastal ocean’s most important species.

4. "What's Up with this Weather?" – An activity that illustrates the ocean's role in weather and climate change

5. "The Courtship of EVA & BOB: Monitoring the contaminants and biology of Long Island Sound" - Discover how teachers are building their own “Basic Observation Buoys” and using new sensors to measure pollution and invasive species in the Sound.

6.  "Glide with the Tide" - Come check out an ocean gilder, a sophisticated  automated technology used to profile the oceans as well as coastal waterways such as Long Island Sound.

7. "MYSound: Real-time weather, water quality and wave data from Long Island Sound" - This station will have a live feed from UConn’s offshore buoy network that provides real time information about the Sound.

8. "Aqua-Bots Afloat: Remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) for ocean research and exploration" - Try “piloting” a small ROV in the Ocean Exploration Center pool.

All activities are included with aquarium admission; registration is not required.