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Penguin Chick's First Swim
Tuesday, May 1 2012 11:00 am
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Mystic Aquarium’s African penguin chick, Blue Pink, is all grown up and ready to take the plunge into the Roger Tory Peterson Penguin Exhibit on Tuesday, May 1 at 11 a.m.

Hatched on January 28, many watched the chick grow up over the past three months on live webcam. At 94 days old on Tuesday, Blue Pink is fully weaned and ready to acclimate to the exhibit and the aquarium’s penguin colony.

While penguin chicks tend to float very well, they must learn to dive and navigate using their wings and feet. Once the chick has honed its swimming skills, it will slowly be introduced to the aquarium’s 27 other penguins and establish its place within the colony.

Mystic Aquarium’s penguins are named by colors that represent numbers. As the 49th penguin to enter the aquarium’s colony, blue represents the number four and pink represents the number nine. The chick’s gender will be determined by a DNA test at approximately six months of age.

Pictured: Blue Pink on February 15 at 18 days old.