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African Penguin Day
Saturday, October 2 2010  9:30 am - 3:30 pm
Special Events


Join us for African Penguin Day on Saturday, October 2nd. The African Penguin population has decreased by an alarming 60% in the wild over the last 8 years. We are joining our colleagues in South Africa at SANCCOB, South Africa’s penguin rehabilitation institute to celebrate these amazing birds. Come enjoy all of the activities and find out more about African Penguins and how you can help!

Schedule of Events

9:45   Live from South Africa
 Meet the penguins and their trainers in the main indoor exhibits and at 10am our time, in South Africa penguins in the wild begin to make their way back to shore at Boulders Beach. Our friends and colleagues who we work with from SANCCOB, South Africa’s penguin rehabilitation institute will be coming to us via a live web interaction from Boulders Beach as the penguins return for the night. 
11:30 Penguin Presentation – Main Aquarium Indoor Exhibit Space
 Meet one of our African Penguins and their trainer up-close. Discover what its like to work with these amazing animals and find out some of the issues they face in the wild. 

12:30 Penguin Encounter Program – Penguin Discovery Zone
 (reservations required – see information booth for more information)
 A penguin trainer will bring 10 guests into our Penguin Discovery Zone. Here the guests will learn all about the African Penguin and how we care for and train them here at Mystic Aquarium. (additional fee applies)

1:30  Penguin Feeding – Roger Tory Peterson Penguin Pavilion
 Penguin trainers will be out on the penguin exhibit to feed our colony of 28 African Penguins. Trainers will also give an introduction to penguins and be there to answer your questions about the penguins.

3:00  Penguin Enrichment Swim
 A penguin trainer will be swimming in the water with the penguins for an enrichment swim and feeding session. See how the penguins interact with their trainer and learn about the training process. Trainers will also be available to answer questions and discuss how and why we train our penguins!