Teacher & School Groups: Pricing & Registration

Traveling Program Registration

To make a reservation for an Aquarium traveling program, please complete our online registration form.

Aquarium Group Admission Rates

School Group Admission Rates:
$13.50/student; $16.50/adult

Groups from Youth Organizations:
$14.50/student; $17.50/adult
All group types must have:
10 or more paying guests (children under 2 do not apply).
A reservation made 48 hours in advance.
All guests arrive and enter the gates at the same time.
Only one payment transaction for the entire group (guests can not pay individually).

On-site Aquarium Education Programs

Classroom Programs are 45 minutes and cost $3 per student

Lengthen Your Class programs are 90 minutes and cost $5 per student

Fee’s are based on a minimum of:
10 paying students Monday-Friday
20 paying students Saturday-Sunday

Please Note:
Prices are subject to change.
One payment must be submitted for the entire group.
All programs must be reserved two weeks in advance.
A maximum of 30 students can be accommodated per class.
Aquarium members are not exempt from program fees.
A cancellation fee will be charged for classroom programs cancelled with less than two weeks notice (minimum of $30 per class).

Traveling Programs

Each traveling class is 45 minutes.
Cost: $275 for two classes; $375 for three classes; $475 for four classes.

Please note:
Traveling programs are offered within 75 miles of Mystic, CT.
All programs must be booked for the same day at the same location to receive this rate.
All programs must be reserved two weeks in advance.
A $25 fee will be assessed per hour if there is an hour or more break between programs.
Classes begin at 9:00am at the earliest.
A maximum of four classes can be taught by each Aquarium instructor per day.
It is ideal for all programs to take place in the same room, and a chaperone must be present at all times!