Pre-K and Kindergarten

All Pre-K & K programs focus on scientific inquiry and literacy through vocabulary building and hands-on activities.
Each class includes a Touch & Learn with live marine invertebrates. This hands-on opportunity offers a valuable and exciting learning experience that encourages students to make observations and ask questions.
These programs can also be conducted right in your own classroom as part of our Traveling Teacher Program.


Best suited for toddlers and two year olds.

Did you know there are many different animals found along the rocky shore?
Some have hard shells for protection and others have suction cups to hang on!
Through dramatic play and the use of props, Mystic Aquarium instructors will teach your toddlers all about animals found along the coastline.
Suggested book to complement the program: “Follow Me!” by Bethany Roberts

Standards Addressed: CT ELDS Strands A, C, D & E.


Best Suited for Pre-K

Ocean creatures have countless ways of moving from one place to another.
Some use their fins to move, while others walk sideways.
Join us to find out if Rocky the rock crab or Octy the octopus can teach a confused baby beluga how to swim. This program, which includes a puppet show, is designed to help students discover how marine animals move.
Suggested book to complement the program: “Move” by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page

Standards Addressed: CT: PK.2; RI: LS1, LS4.


Best Suited for Pre-K & Kindergarten

Hermit crabs are fascinating creatures. Because they live in a shell, they are never far from home. Sometimes moving to a bigger shell can be quite an adventure!
In this exciting class, we’ll use the story A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle, props and a costume, for students to discover how hermit crabs camouflage their homes.
Suggested book to complement the program: “Old Shell, New Shell” by Helen Ward

Standards Addressed: CT: PK.2, K.2; RI: LS1; NGSS: LS1, ESS2, ESS3.


Best Suited for Pre-K & Kindergarten

All children love to imitate penguins, so think how much fun it would be to see a classmate dressed up as one from beak to tail! Through movement and hands-on activities, students will love learning about these adorable “birds that can’t fly.”
Suggested books to complement the program: “Penguins” by Gail Gibbons

Standards Addressed: CT: PK.2, K.2; RI: LS1; NGSS: LS1, ESS2 ,ESS3.


Best Suited for Kindergarten

What kinds of surprises might children encounter in the magical aquarium suitcase?
Clownfish, eels, anemones, flounder and sharks to name just a few! Learning comes alive as students discover the numerous adaptations that equip these animals for life in the ocean.
Suggested book to complement the program: “Hiding in Oceans” by Deborah Underwood

Standards Addressed: CT: K.2; RI: LS1; NGSS: LS1, ESS2