Distance Learning

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Arrange a video conference presentation or series of programs that are tailored to your programming needs.

Each program is 30-40 minutes in length and is designed to be interactive and, when applicable, a live animal component with a reptile or invertebrate is available. Cost is $160 per session and includes system test prior to program (we utilize the web-based Zoom platform for distance learning programming). Contact MaryEllen Mateleska at [email protected] for additional information, including tailoring a topic.


Penguins Up Close
Broadcasting directly from Mystic Aquarium’s Roger Tory Peterson Penguin Pavilion, students have the opportunity to not only learn about these amazing endangered species but also meet an African penguin and penguin trainer up close and personal!
Schedule: Monday – Friday, 11:00am or 2:00pm

Seal and Sea Lion Encounter
Traveling behind the scenes of the Aquarium’s Pacific Northwest exhibit, students will learn all about pinnipeds by shadowing a member of the Animal Care staff during a seal and sea lion training session.
Schedule: Monday – Friday (October –April), 11:00am or 2:30pm

Aquarium Tour
Don’t want to focus on just one theme? The Aquarium Tour is the perfect program for you! Choose any three of the Aquarium habitats (from Whales to Penguins to Sharks to Reptile) to have broadcasted right into your classroom!
Schedule: Monday – Friday, 8:00am-6:00pm

Career Corner
Whether your class is studying ocean pollution, marine animal strandings, shark conservation or marine biology careers, we have just the expert to answer all of your questions. This program will include a brief topic overview followed but a question and answer session with the your specified topic expert.
Schedule: Monday – Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm

Sample distance learning topics for grades K-5

Penguin Palooza (weather permitting, this program is conducted at the penguin exhibit) – All children love to imitate penguins, so think how much fun it would be to see someone dressed up as one from beak to tail! Through movement and hands-on activities, students will love learning about these adorable “birds that can’t fly.”

Amazing Reptile Adaptations – What is a blue-tongued skink and where does it live? What is the difference between a tortoise and a turtle? Students will discover many fascinating facts as they learn about the amazing adaptations reptiles from around the world have to survive in their own unique habitats.

Rocky Shore Exploration and Adaptations – The Aquarium is the perfect setting for students to learn about the beautiful rocky shores of the Long Island Sound and investigate the native plants and animals that live there. Learn how difficult it is for animals to live in this harsh environment and the adaptations they have developed for rocky shore survival.

Sharks! – Sharks are in trouble. Of the roughly 375 shark species, 66 are threatened or endangered, mostly due to overhunting and the effects of pollution. In this class, students will learn about the fascinating shark species, the challenges they must overcome for survival, and the conservation efforts underway to protect them.

Beautiful Belugas (weather permitting, this program is conducted at the Arctic Coast) – Through interactive activities, students discover the many adaptations these charismatic marine mammals have for survival in their ocean habitat. A costume is used to transform a staff member into a whale, highlighting these amazing adaptations.

Sample distance learning topics for grades 6-12

Career Exploration
Sustainable Fishing
Comparative Evolution
Endangered Ecosystems
Squid Dissection
Sharks and Shark Dissection
Corals and Jellies
Marine Mammals and animal training
Deep Sea Life and Exploration