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Mystic Aquarium's formal and informal education programs inspire learners of all ages.

Through inquiry-based teaching and hands-on activities, education programs encourage people to use and develop skills such as observing, hypothesizing, experimenting, and drawing conclusions.

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Children & Families

Summer Camps

Summer Camp registration is now available online. Register now for your favorite session.

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Sea School Preschool

Sea School is the nation’s first and only licensed preschool in an Aquarium! This one of a kind program provides preschoolers with the unique opportunity to learn and play while exploring the exciting world of marine life!

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Mystic Aquarium offers activities and programs geared to students

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Family Overnights

Just think about how awesome it would be to come in after everyone else has gone home to explore the Aquarium without all the crowds.

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Birthday Parties

Celebrate your child’s special day by discovering Amazing Sharks, having a Beluga Blast, Penguin Palooza or discovering what adventure lies in the Suitcase of Surprises.

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Scout Programs

Are you looking for an underwater overnight adventure for your scouts? You have just located the perfect place to join in on the fun. These overnights are designed for your scouts ages 6-13 and their chaperones.

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  • Enjoy fun, active learning with hands-on investigations of live animals and rare biofacts.
  • Inspire scientific literacy and inquiry, encouraging students to think critically and creatively.
  • Promote interest and understanding of STEM with hands-on applications of science.
  • Support Common Core and 3-Dimensional Learning of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

We offer many Classroom Programs for each grade level. Classes can be conducted while visiting Mystic Aquarium, or we can bring our classes to you at your location! Accommodations support a maximum of 30 students per class; program lengths and prices vary. Please see below for grade specific options.

Teachers & Schools

Educator Resources

For more info contact [email protected]

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Preschool and Kindergarten

Mystic Aquarium educators encourage young students to observe the natural world, ask questions, and look for patterns to describe needs that animals have. All Pre-K & K programs include a literacy focus through vocabulary and hands-on activities!

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Grades 1-3

Students observe and construct ideas based on patterns discovered within the biodiversity and adaptations of animals. Programs also introduce STEM concepts that help humans apply knowledge and resources from the natural world to create things, as well as to reduce their impact on our environment!

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Grades 4-5

Students dive deeper into understanding biodiversity and the relationships between living things and their environments. They will use STEM approaches to construct explanations from evidence gathered and observed about adaptations, energy flows, and solutions to problems resulting from overuse of limited resources.

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Grades 6-8

Students use models to describe aquatic phenomena. Some programs engage students to use evidence-based ideas about ecological concepts, and other classes focus on natural selection processes and patterns that emerge either in classification or in genetic studies. Students will construct explanations for cause and effect while helping develop solutions to lessen impacts on the ocean.

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Grades 9-12

Students will investigate and construct explanations with some programs focusing on inheritance and variation of traits at the molecular level. Other classes reinforce analyzing and interpreting data on energy, ecosystem dynamics, and adaptations. Students will also develop possible solutions to help sustain biodiversity so that ecosystem productivity is maintained.

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Large Groups

We offer workshops for adults, guided tours, sea lion training programs, auditorium programs, career fairs, a traveling touch tank, and distance learning.

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Distance Learning

Arrange a video conference presentation or series of programs that are tailored to your programming needs.

Each program is 30-40 minutes in length and is designed to be interactive and, when applicable, a live animal component with a reptile or invertebrate is available for many of the programs.

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Pricing & Registration

Learn all about Aquarium group admission rates, on-site Aquarium education programs and traveling programs!

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