President’s Blog: February 24, 2017
President's Blog

President’s Blog: February 24, 2017

Dear Friend: This past week we held a “Town Meeting”…

Dear Friend:

This past week we held a “Town Meeting” and discussed three areas of organizational focus for 2017; (a) our 2017 operational goals (b) the Integrated Facilities Plan, and (c) ongoing efforts to promote diversity within our community, reflective of the larger population that we serve.

Our goals for 2017 as approved by the Board of Trustees are:

  • Increase attendance, membership and related revenue by 2% over budget
  • Complete funding and begin construction of conservation, education and research complex
  • Demonstrate measurable improvement in participation rates, revenue, and impact of conservation, education and research programs
  • Increase diversity of attendance population by 5%, new hires by 12%, secure at least 50 new minority donors and 2 new minority vendors
  • Show demonstrable growth in social media engagement related to mission, program, attendance and membership
  • Assure and demonstrate high level of employee and volunteer satisfaction and retention

These goals are intended to move us towards implementation of our “One Ocean, One Mission” Strategic Plan. “One Ocean, One Mission” envisions an even more robust Mystic Aquarium with a refurbished campus and vibrant mission programs by the end of 2020.

The following are excerpts from our Integrated Facilities Plan:

Campus Overview
Integrated Facilities Plan

The plan combines facilities, exhibits and animal residency. Highlights include the addition of Puffins, Little Blue Penguins, River Otters and upgrades to numerous tanks and systems.

Completion of the Milne Conservation, Education and Research Complex is included along with construction of a new indoor front entrance, ticketing center, membership lounge and guest service offices.

Milne Conservation, Research and Education Complex


MA Entrance Renovation Plan
MA Entrance Renovation Plan
Main Floor Transformation
Main Floor Transformation
Concept Drawing for LI Sound Water Table Touch Tank
Concept Drawing for LI Sound Water Table Touch Tank

These projects, combined, free up substantial space in the main aquarium building for additional fish and invertebrate exhibits. One of the first of these will be a Long Island Sound touch tank that will occupy space currently being utilized as a water quality laboratory.

Over the next five years $30 million in renovations and improvements to our campus, animal husbandry operations and mission programs will be completed under this plan. We have raised close to $10 million towards the overall effort so far and envision construction beginning on major portions by early 2018.

As we move forward with improvements we must take note of the changing face of the world around us. In 2015 Mystic Aquarium increased attendance from minority populations by 2 percent and made strides in being a more inclusive organization including modernizing our approaches to recruiting and hiring.

We will continue to make this a major priority throughout the organization and welcome your ideas and insights on how to accomplish this.

See you all soon!


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