President’s Blog: December 16th, 2016
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President’s Blog: December 16th, 2016

Dear Friend: RESOLUTION Mystic Aquarium has been rehabilitating a Kemp’s…

Dear Friend:


Mystic Aquarium has been rehabilitating a Kemp’s ridley sea turtle named Resolution, which stranded due to cold stunning on Dec 31, 2015. The turtle also had a beak injury that required healing. Resolution will be flying South tomorrow to complete its rehabilitation at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. This is the facility that rescued and rehabilitated our very own green sea turtle Charlotte prior to her placement at Mystic Aquarium.

Resolution, a Kemps Ridley sea turtle


For the past several years, Mystic Aquarium has been providing programming on the Blackstone River in Rhode Island aboard the Riverboat Explorer, operated by the Blackstone Valley Tourism Council. During 2016 the program reached over 2,300 young people from some of the most economically challenged communities in Rhode Island, including Central Falls, Pawtucket and Woonsocket.

Led by MaryEllen Mateleska and Amy Gollenberg, the program includes STEM activities, the history and biology of the Blackstone River, and the story of success as that river is being transformed from one of the most polluted in the nation to a valuable natural recreational resource.


In 2016 nearly 25,000 children and youth have come to Mystic Aquarium through the Feinstein Jr. Scholars initiative. This program is supported by The Feinstein Foundation. Founded in 1993, by Alan Shawn Feinstein the Foundation “is dedicated to empowering youngster to reach out to help others and teach them the importance of compassion and caring for others.”

Alan Shawn Feinstein

Generations of Rhode Islanders know “The Voice” of Alan Shawn Feinstein who has hosted a Rhode Island PBS children’s show for decades. We are very proud that Mr. Feinstein lends his voice to our own television and radio commercials in Rhode Island..

Each year, Mr. Feinstein provides over $1 million in grants to schools to engage young people in community service, and to encourage schools to emphasize engaging young people in “doing good deeds for others.” Many schools in Rhode Island bear one of his most famous quotes, “helping to better the lives of others, regardless of race, creed or color, is the greatest of all achievements.”

Alan Shawn Feinstein w Students

When one considers that Mr. Feinstein has been working towards this end since the early 1970’s when those sentiments were not widely endorsed, his legacy is all the more remarkable. He supports human service, community service and education programs for undergraduates and graduates at Providence College, Rhode Island College, Roger Williams University, Brown University and University of Rhode Island to name a few.

We are very pleased to welcome students participating in the Feinstein Jr. Scholars program to Mystic Aquarium. And I am honored to serve on the board of the Feinstein Foundation and to call Alan Shawn Feinstein my friend.


During the fall and summer Mystic Aquarium installed a new exhibit about Long Island Sound aboard one of the Cross Sound Ferry’s main ships, the John H.

The John H. was built in 1989 by Eastern Marine Shipyard in Panama City, Florida exclusively for Cross Sound Ferry, and is the largest capacity ferry in the fleet able to carry in excess of 100 vehicles and 1000 passengers. The ship is currently in dry dock on the Thames River being completely overhauled.

When it is relaunched and put back into service, the John H will feature a wonderful exhibit that I had a chance to tour with Director of Public Affairs for Cross Sound Ferry, Stan Mickus and our own Katie Cubina, Andy Wood and Larry Rivarde. Cross Sound Ferry is a critical transportation link between Long Island and Connecticut. The ferries serve over 1 million passengers annually and the exhibit is an important point of engagement in connecting them to the vitality of Long Island Sound as an ecosystem as well as to Mystic Aquarium as a destination point in the journeys.

John H Starboard   LIS Conservation panel   John H Starboard   Interactive

See you all soon!


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